Cadet Dress and Badge Placements

A comprehensive and updated Cadet Dress Instructions pdf is now available. Please ensure you are familiar with the entire document.

New Recruits

New recruits are expected to wear a white buttoned dress shirt with plain black tie and black pants (no jeans) and black shoes. Their shirts are to be worn tucked in, and pant legs free-flowing and not tucked into socks. See the example on the left hand-side.

Returning Cadets

It is your responsibility to ensure your uniform is up to standard. If you have questions/concerns or wish to order replacement parts, speak to the Supply NCO in your flight.

List of Uniform Items

Every cadet should have the following:

  • Wedge – with 2 silver buttons (if you received extra buttons, please give them to your Flight Supply NCO to give to the Supply Officer)

  • Tunic, belt, belt loop

  • Parka with liner

  • Short sleeve dress shirt

  • Knit hat (toque)

  • Pants

  • Belt with silver buckle

  • Gloves (black)

  • Boots and laces

  • Socks

  • Sweater (light blue)

  • Tie

  • Cadet slip-ons

  • 8 Globemaster shoulder flashes

  • T-shirt (dark blue) (optional)

  • Camp hat (Tilley-style) (optional)

For Retiring/Graduating Cadets

Cadet clothing remains the property of the Department of National Defence. It is mandatory for all retired/graduated cadets, and cadets who are no longer in the Cadet program to return all uniform parts to the Squadron within thirty (30) days of his/her leaving the Squadron; and to pay for any uniforms, uniform parts, or equipment lost or damaged by the cadet.

The uniform return form can be found via the resources tab.

To book an appointment or have questions, please contact the Supply staff by email.