COVID - 19 UPDATES (Updated 1 Jun 22)

Hybrid training is now being conducted.

Cadets are to check their squadron email for any updates, flight information and lesson times. Any questions or concerns should be addressed via the Chain of Command (CoC)

Summer Training 2022

Summer Training is occurring in 2022! Please see summer training for more information.


UCDSB is running summer co-op for all cadets. For more information, click here!

Borden Airshow From June 18 to 19

Canadian Armed Forces Day and Air Show - Borden, Ontario | 18 - 19 June 2022 (

Canadian Armed Forces Day Air Show! Air Cadets with their uniforms get admitted FREE, other visitors need to pay $10 for entrance

General Onboarding of Cadets to Cadet365 - Resources for Cadets

Staring in March, Cadet365 account credentials will be distributed by Squadron staff once available.

Resources to guide cadets through the onboarding processes are available at

The resources are developed specifically for cadets to enable self-help wherever possible.

Silent Auction 2021

“Vision Impossible!” – A Challenge by the CO

During wars, battles and even common accidents, many people suffer injuries, and some lose their lives. We may never understand what they have gone through, what sacrifices they have made, because we are the lucky ones. Therefore, are you willing and ready to try a little bit of their experience and frustration?

First, this "challenge" must be carried out under the direct supervision of parents (adults). This is for safety purposes. No exceptions.

The “Vision Impossible!” challenge details:

1. Cadets should take a look at the “Challenge Report Form” first, before taking the challenge. <>

2. Cadets must inform, and explain the “Vision Impossible” challenge to parents and obtain their permission and consent. Parents are the “time keepers” as well.

3. The duration of the challenge should be in the range from 30 minutes to 2 hours the maximum. The challenge can be stopped at any time, and must stop after two hours.

4. Participating cadets must discuss with their parents about the intended duration.

5. The participant will use a “sleep mask” or a scarf to blindfold their eyes in order to give up complete vision, and stay in total darkness during the challenge.

6. The challenge must be taking place during a normal daytime routine, such as eating a meal, watching television, playing with dogs/cats, having fun with others, etc.

(Certainly participants can try doing homework, play video games, read a book, draw a picture, play piano... etc.)

7. During the challenge, a participant should think about: (suggestions only)

a. What if, suddenly, I really lost my vision forever?

b. What changes do I need to make in my future?

c. What assistance do I need to carry out my future plans?

d. How would my parents and the others who care about me, feel about my ordeal?

After taking the challenge, please take time to report your unique experience; using this link to the questionnaire: <>

➢ The Challenge will be closed at 2100 hrs Sunday 14 Nov 21.

Your courage to take this “Vision Impossible!” Challenge is remarkable ! After the Challenge, without the “blindfold”, I hope you can see the world again, with New Vision!

Cadets Get Cadets


Parent's Night 2021

Parent's Night 2021

Squadron Halloween Challenges

"It’s Spooktober! The Health and Wellness Team will be hosting a series of activities for the Hallowe'en Challenges event! Get creative and show off your festive spirit for a chance to win prizes!"

CO-OP Education Cadet Program

The CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION CADET PROGRAM 2021-2022 TRAINING YEAR is now open for registration.

Attached are the “Q & A” and the “Registration Form”.

Read the attached Q & A carefully. If you are interested to apply, complete the fillable application, obtain a transcript from your school and be sure to have signatures from your teacher and parents, then send the application to CI Kato, she will request CO’s signature on your behalf.

Don't forget that you also need to sign.

*The earlier you submit the application, the earlier you can accumulate the minimum of 90 hours.

Note that the 90 hours includes Wednesday training and any hours that you attend optional teams/clubs.

i.e. Ground School, Marksmanship, Monday Night Band practice, etc.

Please contact CI Kato if you have any questions or concerns.

Cadet Co-Op FAQs 2021-2022.pdf
2021-2022 Cadet Co-Op Fillable Registration Form.pdf

Recruiting 2021 - 2022 Training Year (25 Aug 21)

We are now recruiting for the 2021 - 2022 training year! Please check "How to join" more information.

CO’s letter to cadets - New Year’s Resolutions (1 Jan 21)

Many of us have a tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, well-intentioned planning for a good next year and future. However, according to statistics only a small number of people actually stick to their plans and eventually claim to have successfully reached their goals. What happened?

Planning is a skill. Good planning requires knowledge and experience. Making a plan is the first step. However, having an unrealistic plan which is more like a dream or a fantasy will not get us anywhere. Therefore, it is important for anyone to make good plans which are practical and achievable.

In cadets, we promote the use of the “SMART” goal setting format so everyone can learn and practice the life skill of making good plans. Everyone is different with diverse aims and goals which can change from time to time. Though goals may differ, it is true that most everyone wants to achieve and become successful. Then, what we should do?

First, plan for small steps. Small steps are easy to do and help us to develop consistency. Making your bed, washing dishes, doing your own laundry - all are very simple tasks. The completion of these easy jobs will make you feel good and perhaps a sense of achievement, frequently.

Physical activities and exercise are good for our bodies. How about a 2-minute stretch or a 5-minute workout, daily? When you develop the daily routines and feel good, extend the period. The key word is consistency; regular physical exercise is much better than suddenly jogging for 10 km, which would more likely cause injury than do any good for your health.

Most good things, like knowledge and skills, will take time to accumulate and develop. Patience is a virtue and also a prerequisite of building good character. A person with good character will be easier to work with, build stronger teams, and be regarded as good leader.

While “working hard” is commonly praised, doing something that you enjoy is of equal importance. A balanced lifestyle of work, progress, health, and happiness, is what we strive for. Only when we feel good, can we continue to keep on doing what we are doing. If not, please stop and assess the situation, make necessary changes, and move forward. Do not stop. Do not feel disappointed. Life is a continuous journey with many ups and downs; it is normal.

The adventure continues. The world is ever changing, and so are situations. The pace of change is getting faster and more unpredictable. Therefore we must be very adaptive and flexible to face all future challenges. Every challenge can be viewed as a hurdle or a selection. For those who overcome the situations, they become the “fittest” to move on, one step closer to success.

By now, I hope you understand how to make your New Year’s resolutions. Please write down your plans, review and make revisions as time goes on. You may need to change your methods, but you must keep your directions and goals. Do not get distracted. Do not feel disappointed. Do not give up.

Failures are neither your enemies nor friends; they are merely the stepping stones for you to become successful.” – Maj Yu