Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)

The 8 Globemaster Squadron Sponsoring Committee is a dedicated team of parent volunteers who oversee the expenses of our squadron.  We coordinate resources and fundraising activities to support our squadron to uplift the Air Cadet Program.  The SSC sponsors the effective speaking training and competition; field trips, equipment for marksmanship training, drill training, biathlon training, Rocket ship club activities and much more. We are registered nonprofit  with the Canada Revenue Agency.  SSC members meet regularly to discuss and coordinate support for our squadron activities.

Your support makes a difference! Join our team today.

Contact us at sscchair@8globemaster.ca for more information.

Meet Our Team

Lesley Yan

Mary Wang

Pauline Chu

Bhupinder Brar

Margaret Cheng

Susan Li

Winston Huang

Kevin Wu

Parent Volunteers  

Parents and guardians of cadets are most welcome to join our volunteer team.  You are critical to the success of the Air Cadet Program.  Recruitment takes place all year round. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact SSC members.  The General Volunteer team supports squadron activities, such as driving cadets to and from designated tagging locations; directing traffic at tagging headquarter. General volunteers will be contacted on an ad hoc request basis after recruitment. 

Civilian Volunteers

Civilian Volunteers work with squadron staff members, under the Commanding Officer's direction and are involved with authorized cadet activities.