Thank you for your interest in 8 Globemaster Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Recruiting of new members for the 2018-2019 training year is now closed. New members will be accepted in September 2019. Applicants must be 12 years of age or older to participate.

*New information posted below


Wednesday 26 September 2018 is the deadline to submit application forms for training 2018-2019.

Recruits may submit completed forms at 1900 hrs on 19 Sep or 26 Sep at Richmond Green Secondary School.

Information Sessions

New recruits and a parent/guardian must attend one of the information sessions to be eligible to join. There will be two information sessions:

  • Wednesday 12 September 2018 at 1930 hrs at Bayview Hill Community Centre (114 Spadina Road, Richmond Hill).
  • Thursday 13 September 2018 at 1930 hrs at Bayview Hill Community Centre (114 Spadina Road, Richmond Hill).
  • Wednesday 19 September 2018 at 1930 hrs at Richmond Green Secondary School (1 William F. Bell Parkway, Richmond Hill).*

For more information about Air Cadets, please visit  the national cadet website (  It is mandatory to attend one of these sessions in order to join the squadron.


The password to download these forms will be given at the recruit information sessions. Most forms below can be filled out on a computer before printing.

Cover Letter

Application Checklist

CF1158 – Application for Membership

Code of Conduct

Loan Agreement Form

Anaphylaxis Consent Form (if required)

Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan (if required)

Participation By A Cadet With Non-Food Related Anaphylaxis (if required)

Participation By A Cadet With Food Sensitivity (if required)

– Must be filled out on a computer and printed (note: CF1158 must be printed on 8.5 x 14 legal-sized paper for accuracy.)

– For Section 4: OHIP is considered public health insurance

– For Section 9: If answered No, cadets will not be able to participate in any activities with meals provided.

– Ensure the dates (e.g. Birth date, Health insurance expiry date) are of correct format (e.g. 2015-09-01).

Please show original and bring a photocopy of the following documents.

Proof of legal Canadian resident status:
•Canadian Birth Certificate
•Canadian Passport
•Canadian Landed Immigrant Document
•Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Proof of health insurance include (but not limited to):
•Ontario Heath Card


Each Squadron Sponsoring Committee (made up of the local volunteers) is assessed a fee by the Provincial body that covers the financial requirements of both the Provincial and National levels of the Air Cadet League. In Ontario, the Assessment for this year is $60 per cadet.

We require a one time annual payment of $120 per cadet. This will cover the $60 Assessment fee and the additional $60 as payment for the lottery tickets that your cadet is required to sell. Once he/she has sold the book of tickets the $60 that is collected will be yours to keep.

Payment of $120 can be made by cash, or personal cheque, payable to “8 Globemaster Squadron”.