Business Sponsorships

Adpoint Promotional Products Inc.

Dollorama @ Yonge St. & Tower Hill Rd.

Enzo's No Frills Richmond Hill

Farm Boy Richmond Hill

Food Basic @ Bayview and Major MacKenzie

Food Basic @ OakRidges

Food Basics Richmond Hill

Jim's No frills Richmond Hill

Loblaws @ HighTech Road

Longo's Richmind Hill

MOVATI Athletic Richmond Hill

McDonald @ Bayview & Major Mackenzie Dr. E

Richmond Hill Costco @ John Birchall Rd

Rob's NoFrills Richmond Hill

Sobeys Jefferson Square

Costco Store #592, Richmond Hill

Freshco, Major Mackenzie/Leslie

Food Basics, Major Mackenzie/Bayview

Liuna Training Centre No. 506, Richmond Hill

Scotia Bank of Canada

Toronto Dominion Bank Group

United Way of Canada

Vector 7