2013 Summer Training Awards

2013 Cadet summer achievements:

WO2 D Babirad received the ‘Esprit de Corps’ Award at Waterloo / Wellington Flight Centre where he earned his Power Pilot Wings.

Chief Warrant Officer W Chan was elected by his peers as the Agency’s President and achieved ‘Top Project’ Award  while attending the Advanced Aerospace Course at Eastern Region Gliding School

Sgt M Ho earned a position on the National Drill Team while attending the Advanced Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance Course.

At Blackdown CSTC, FCpl J Tai was awarded the Top Cadet for her Flight and earned a parade position for the final graduation parade while attending the Drill and Ceremonial Instructor Course.

Cpl L Chan received the Gold Medallion for the Top Cadet in the Basic Drill and Ceremonial Course.

At Trenton Air Cadet Summer Training Centre, the following cadets received awards while attending General Training:

LAC W Becker was awarded the Top Cadet for his Flight.

LAC J Look was awarded the Top Cadet for her Flight.

LAC J Huang, LAC R Leung, LAC J Look, LAC P Shen, LAC W Tan, and LAC C Wu were members of Flight 22 which was awarded both the Top Initiative Flight and the Top Flight Award for the Wing.

LAC C Chin, LAC N Nakhnikian, LAC B Ng, LAC M Renwick, LAC J Thacker, LAC S Wai, and LAC Y Wang were members of Flight 23 which was awarded the Top Drill Team Award.